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Oral Rehydration Salts:

Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) is a simple treatment for dehydration associated with diarrhea, particularly gastroenteritis or gastroenteropathy, such as that caused by cholera or rotavirus. ORT consists of a solution of salts and sugars that is taken by mouth. It is used around the world, most significantly in the developing world, where it saves millions of children a year from death due to diarrhea, the second leading cause of death (after pneumonia) in children under five.

Between 1980 and 2006, ORT decreased the number of deaths that occurred worldwide from 5 million a year to 3 million a year. Death from diarrhea was the leading cause of infant mortality in the developing world until ORT was introduced. It is now the second leading cause of mortality for children under five, accounting for 17 percent of all deaths, second only to pneumonia, at 19 percent. Its remarkable success has led to naming the discovery of its underlying physiological basis as "potentially the most important medical advance [of the 20th] century."

At SYNDICATE PHARMA we are committed to fight against dehydration.